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I'm Soren

About Me

I'm currently a high school student living in the United States. I frequently program in Scala, and have experience in Zig, Crystal, and Java. I enjoy theory, especially in programming and math. I'm interested in "find[ing] a hole and fill[ing] it" through the power of automation.

I'm a musician. I play flute and am the flute section leader in my high school's marching band. I'm interested in music theory and learning how to compose pieces. In my high school's jazz band, I also play auxiliary percussion and sometimes vibraphone. Some of the pieces I am currently playing include:

  • Sonata for Flute and Piano, Francis Poulenc Individual
  • Fantaisie Op. 79, Gabriel Fauré Individual
  • Colorado Peaks, Dana Wilson Wind Ensemble
  • Prime Sus-pect, US Army Field Band Jazz Band

In regards to academics, in my sophomore year I passed AP Calculus BC, the highest level math class offered at my school, with a 5. I'm looking into taking college classes outside of the normal school year for a deeper understanding. I passed the AP Computer Science A exam with a 4 in 6th grade, and am taking it again this year. I'm aiming to complete as much college credit as possible during high school, while it's mostly free, so that my college schedule is sparse and mostly high level classes.

I am part of the ACE Mentorship program at my school. I lead the Computer Science Honor Society at my school, and together we are working on how to tie in software to the community center we are designing in ACE to make it a smart building. This means using tools to design and architecture the software as well as manage development time. Our end goal is to be able to fully explore our project in Virtual Reality using A-Frame with ScalaJS.


I have a hub website dedicated to my development projects at bug.tf. My GitLab is srnb and my GitHub is sorenbug.

Contact Me

Discord Server Email LinkedIn Discord: Soren#5455 Keybase: srnb XMPP: [email protected]